Thursday, April 8, 2010

Semana Santa

We laid pretty low in Oaxaca the last few weeks. Though we met some lovely people who came though our cooking school, we avoided the throngs of tourists that visit the city during the biggest holiday period of the year when over 10,000 people pass through the city.

Still, we couldn't keep away from it all. Karin wandered around town on Easter Saturday, awaiting the famous Procession of Silence. The ritual involves four young men adorned in hooded purple robes, carrying a Jesus that looks like he's having quite a bad day. Given Mexico's bent towards the surreal and dramatic, I was surprised to discover that this ritual is in fact from Spain, where it is still performed today in facsimile. Other imported traditions include self-flagellation and nail-less crucifixions, but are not practiced in Oaxaca so do not appear here (our purple friends will have to suffice).

Of course, the catholic scene here serves as narrator to the festivities, and all the biblical depictions from macabre to cute are represented somewhere. Enjoy Karin's beautiful photos of the festivities, and our hopes you all had a happy and safe Easter.

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  1. Hello there,
    I came over to see what vegetarian Mexican delighted you were featuring on your blog, but got distracted. I am so glad to discover the cultural aspect of Mexican traditions (some imported), nonetheless, they are now Mexican traditions. I was not aware of these, so thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry, as well as the beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing.