Saturday, October 3, 2009

Portraits from Mexico

I thought I would upload a few photos I have taken since we have arrived. Below is a small series of portraits of people at work. Over the coming weeks I will post a few more on various themes so you can get a little more insight into our trip.


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  2. great photos. There's a real depth of character in them I think. Pls post more of these - as a picture is a thousand words. They guy with the guitar looks almost exactly like a guy with a guitar we met in Italy one night while eating out. Wonder if they are mail order 'guys with guitars' form some restaurant wholesaler?!?

  3. Thanks - I will definitely post some more. I have so many it is hard to decide which to choose!

    Perhaps I should do a series of 'guys with guitars'?

  4. Your photos are terrific Fergo! (terrific is my word du jour). It looks like you guys are having an awesome time. I actually enjoy your updates and I usually hate blog stuff (especially the ones I have to write) keep em coming. They are very well written.