Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mexican Food Adventure

To ponder Italian food without tomato or peppers, Thai in the absence of chilli, desserts awaiting vanilla or a world without chocolate, is to render impossible some of the globes greatest dishes and rob us of life’s purest delights.

De La Tierra aims to be a travel blog exploring Mexican food through these ingredients. We will be traveling to Mexico to meet with the people who cultivate, harvest, and prepare them. Through our travels we will be looking for a re-connection with the process of true food production and hope this blog will be of some interest to not only lovers of Mexican food, but also to the ever increasing numbers of people who want to know where their food comes from and about the people who grow it.

Travis is a Spanish-speaking chef with more than 12 years experience cooking in 6 countries and a lifetime of Latin-American fascination. As my credentials do not extend into the culinary realm, by even the most tenuous thread, it will be his job to provide a more informed angle on the subject. With a background in design, I will offer up visual delicacies and an alternate impression of the journey - be it through a lens less food focused.

For a designer Mexico could not be a more intriguing country. While this blog is about Mexican food it will be virtually impossible for me not share with you discoveries of a more visual kind. Inline with the theme of the blog I will try to keep the emphasis on the earth and the food it provides.

The first place we will be visiting is Mexico's second-largest city Guadalajara. We aim to post often and are glad to have you on board for the ride.



  1. How exciting! Can't wait to hear about what you guys are eating and experiencing. YUM!

  2. Fabulous Mole Poblano!!!What a precious mouthful and so beautifully described.Hello from the three croc monsters in Wanni!!! You know who we are?? !! xxx